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Chef Maria Kirk is a member of American Personal  & Private Chef Association

We start by meeting to discuss your dining preferences and any special dietary requirements. I then research and prepare menus based on your personal tastes and preferences. On your scheduled cook day, I shop for the freshest ingredients, arrive at your home, unpack, and prepare meals with my equipment to your exact specifications.  I conveniently package each of your meals, clean up, and leave a set of easy to follow heating instructions. The only evidence remaining will be the wonderful aromas lingering in your kitchen.

All pricing includes: assessment/consultation, recipe research and menu development, shopping for the freshest ingredients, preparation of meals, packaging, labeling, storing, warming instructions and leaving your kitchen as clean as it was found.

The following are the most popular "Traditional Service Options". Customized plans can be developed to meet your individual needs or special dietary requirements.

Fresh/Frozen Complete Comfort Service For Busy People*

5 Delicious Entrées 4 servings each with appropriate sides: $300.00
 20 wonderful meals serving 4 people for 5 days or 2 people for 10 days.

5 Entrées 2 Servings each with sides: $175.00
 10 comforting meals for busy singles or couples.
5 Entrees 3 servings each with sides.  $225.00
 15 comforting meals for busy families.

4 Entrées 4 servings each with sides: $250.00
 16 delicious meals with appropriate sides.

Fresh Service:

3 Entrees with 2 servings each and appropriate sides. $125.00
3 Entrees with 3 servings each and appropriate sides. $150.00
3 Entrees with 4 servings each and filling sides. $200.00

There may be a one-time container fee of $40.00 for Ziploc and/or Gladware reusable containers; an $80.00 (estimate) for Pyrex and glassware. If you choose disposable containers, there will be a $15.00 fee per cook date for throw-aways.